My oh My just Dreadful few days

By: tanekakoko

Apr 16 2007

Category: DC United, Dr. Who, Strange

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DCU loses to the w w wan wizards. 2-4 no less. The third was just a punch below the belt. Well, 3 man back-line just isn’t cutting it. The rally to two all was good then but, as I said, the third goal right before half was just brutal.

Anyroad life goes on and I get to work Monday and all the work I did on Friday for the project due Monday is gone. Power outage on Sat and a bunch lost files. Oh happy day!!!! Well I rebuilt parts of the project but I’m put back a few days. We’ll see.

So any good news but of course.

Watched the entirety of Strange, see picture above. Nice supernatural thriller, chasing demons, so and so forth. Nice 6 part series plus pilot. Given the usual “Why are you trusting some-one you just met” moments, the interactions between the major characters are believable and understandable given their histories as explained within series. So we have well crafted characters. What about the world it is set in? It’s our world with modern,UK, concerns. So good characters and believable setting lead to a worthy watch. PS not a Buffy clone!!!!

Also watched the last two Dr. Who installments. Nice
1. The Shakespeare Code.
2. Gridlock

So are we to make of this year’s Dr. Who? Well the stories are fun and not to taxing, yet. By that I mean the stories are concentrating on action and danger and a bit character development. Just enough development to keep things moving without over explaining and slowing things down. The special effects are modern but are continuing the intentionally cheesy bits to keep the “Dr. Who feel”. I especially enjoyed “The Shakespeare Code”. (Double double, toil and trouble) The story is draws on the idea of a muse and how the muse may well be using the inspired.


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