Serge Gainsbourg

Who? Serge Gainsbourg was a brilliant, obnoxious, iconoclastic, often drunk French singer and provocateur. Yes, he was and is an Important Artist of Our Times. Why? Well because to him nothing and everything was sacred. Sure he let everyone and everything that pissed him off have a taste of temper. But was he just always ranting? No he wasn’t, he could also express the joy and wonder to be found in this world when he found it. Don’t speak French? No worries check out Mick Harvey’s two excellent collections of Gainsbourg’s songs “Intoxicated Man” and “Pink Elephants”. These don’t deviate all that far from the originals but enough to freshen them up and bring them swinging into these times.

Highly reccomended if you like retro-pop specifically or good pop music generally.

Here’s Harvey’s video of Harley Davidson from his MySpace site.

Harley Davidson

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