DCU 4(1)-1(1)Red Bulls

By: tanekakoko

Jun 10 2007

Category: Ben Olsen, DC United



1. We beat the Red Bulls
2. Did not quit when suffering from a very poor referee performance, heat/humidity, conceding a lead and going a man down.
3. Goals Goals GOALS!!!!!! Benny OLSEN!!!!!!

Nice Post article on Benny and game.

Yup a good day out. Best game ever, no but best game this year? I think the closest we’ve had yet to a complete game this year in MLS, well done. Full strength we had good possession and played with tempo. I get the feeling that this is the way Tommy wants the boys to play, i.e. with guts and no stopping. Played through the refereeing and kept looking to press and attack. Even after going a man down! (Three goals!!!) Credit Tom for getting them out of the malaise that started last year.

Biggest criticism: still giving away too many chances and thank you for missing some easy chances Red Bulls, Same old Jersey….

Definitely a convincing and spirited win, thank-you boys.

Cheesy David Bowie vid for Heroes


3 comments on “DCU 4(1)-1(1)Red Bulls”

  1. Well, that certainly was an enlightening video… I guess standing in front of a spotlight with close ups of your face is one way to make sure that you spend the least amount of money on production and get the most amount of “face time” so that everyone knows what you look like… Almost as formulaeic as hip-hop videos of today.

  2. You got the Tao of Erpfu to work! Awesome!

  3. Fixed html so even smoother lookin!!!

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