Migraines, I hate ’em

By: tanekakoko

Jun 14 2007

Category: Migraines, USMNT


Just getting over a massive migraine from yesterday. Feels like I was drinking Budworser all day, man what a nasty one.

So US men’s national team played their way through our Gold Cup first round group. Won all three games as we should have. Some big things: Gooch and Pablo need to stop collecting yellow cards and the Bradley/Nowak combo seems to have the team playing a style that really works well against CONCACAF teams, so did Bruce but I think we’re playing a more pressing style that punishes the bunker and counter tactics that were being used against the USMNT previously. I saw only one bad half of ball from the boys and that was in the first game. Other than that they were too much for the other three teams, but as I said we should have been so the jury’s out but I’m intrigued.

Quarterfinals on Sat. so the level of difficulty should go up. I’m looking forward to it.

2 comments on “Migraines, I hate ’em”

  1. The US is currently a second-tier country with second-tier players and a second-tier coach. Until our best and brightest athletes start playing soccer, we’ll be stuck in this rut. We’ll be no closer to winning the world cup than Nigeria, Poland, Romania, Mexico, or Croatia. A good run in the WC now and again – Quarterfinals or perhaps as high as Semifinals but no real chance at the crown…

  2. Absolutely. The win on Saturday vs. Panama almost confirms the second tier appraisal. Intriguing team but missing the deep/instinctively in the bones awareness and ability that comes with being a great athlete playing the sport for a long time.

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