Good stuff this week-end

By: tanekakoko

Jun 18 2007

Category: DC United, Dr. Who, USMNT

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Busy week-end with lot of stuff going on.

So the easy part. US Mens National Team beats Panama. Great and we should, nuff said.

DCU beats Chicago. YES YES YES !!!!! We played well, have played well these last two games. Chicago was just at 6’s & 7’s for the fist half, clueless. They were depleted and we pounded ’em like we should, unlike when we played the LaLas. The fact that we didn’t play down to the opposition and took full advantage is a good thing. We played our game regardless, good attitude if you ask me.

Dr Who – The Master has returned!!!! Derek Jacobi(Cadfael fame) plays The Master, initially, but then he is killed and he regenerates. Really good stuff. I had my reservations about this season but the last three episodes have really turned things around. Turning into a really good season. Grab ’em however you can!!!!

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