Movies 7/21


I sat up and said “Hmmm” when I saw that this was based on a manga by Masamune Shirow. So I figured that this had a better than average chance of being good. I’m not yet familiar with the manga, I just got it after the I got the film, so this my first encounter with Applseed. I was not disappointed. Excellent story involving revenge, humankind saving, and a love story is presented using a combination of animation techniques that includes 3d, motion capture, and cell creates a really entertaining film. This film is from 2004 and is the second take at Appleseed. I’ll be interested in tracking down the 1988 film for comparison’s sake. Anyway, I recommend this film highly.

Pan’s Labyrinth

Guillermo del Toro has created an excellent adult Faerie story. Fantastic to look at and interestingly set in the early years of Franco’s Spain. Del Torro is as creepy as ever, remember Devil’s Backbone?. Well it is that level of tension, add in a family’s love of their daughter, some almost sadistic torture scenes and you’ve got a really good movie. I have really started to like his work. I was always impressed but he has created a truly distinct movie.

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