Mamoru Oshii, “Cinema Trilogy”

This contains The Red Spectacles, Stray Dog, and Talking Head. These are live action movies and well, frankly they are for Oshii fanatics, I’m one of those so…

Why are these only for fanatics? They are done very inexpensively and that causes the productions’ values to distract from the stories Oshii is trying to tell. Also I get the feeling that in these movies he was trying to bring elements of manga to live action film and if he was, he failed. The attempts often just end up grotesque and well, weird and unnecessary. Especially “Talking Head”, I think it is one long in joke or something.

A couple of reasons why you might want to see some of these movies. IF you’ve seen Jin Roh, you might be interested in “The Red Spectacles” and “Stray Dog”. Jin Roh is the prequel to both of those movies, it has to be said the most coherent of the series. To watch the developement of his style. Many of the elements that show up later are present; long panning shots, slow pacing, short bursts of intense action and others as well.

So there you go, you’re on your own.

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