Weekend stuff, Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 August.

The Rent Seekers is a friend of mine’s band. One look at the set list and you know what you’re getting, pub rock. They do it well and are a good night out, so if you get a chance check’em out.

Cinematic Orchestra’s Every Day is a tasty little bit of electrionica. Generally laid back without being downbeat, lots of different musical styles, and always competent stuff that really does seem to be a soundtrack to a beautiful day/night. A few years old, 2002, but it doesn’t strike me as dated and I always impressed by folks who can create something that stands up to the passing of time and styles.


The National are a band that I heard on WAMU 88.5 this past week and wow. The review of Boxer really understates the values of this music. I only heard one song, Fake Empire, and I decided to take a flyer on this band I had never heard before. I don’t want to go over the top and over-state what I like about these guys so here goes my shot at a simple explanation. At times the tempo is driving like a Mission of Burma rocker, at times slow and pensive like, say “Strange Days” by The Cure. The instrumentation is always poignant whether it is a horn section, piano or some orchestration, never overdone. The songs themselves are sad and downbeat but never bleak in an American Music Club or Joy Division way. The best way to describe this, I guess, is good solid songs done in a manner that is not ostentatious or melodramatic. If you like some of the bands I mentioned above, then check into this record.

Final note. Columbus 0 – 2 DC United. Nice. Now can we win a game that matters? The pieces are there to do something special, is the will?

One comment on “Weekend stuff, Saturday 18 and Sunday 19 August.”

  1. Totally agree on the Rent Seekers. Old favorite done well live makes for a fun show. Nice crowd at the Grog & Tankard helped with the energy.

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