Books 14-9

“Off Armageddon Reef”, David Weber. So I’ve read most of the Honor Harrington series and quite enjoyed the first seven or so of those, my comments are here . But, I have often struggled with Weber’s non-Harrington works. So I’ve started this one with a “what the heck” mentality. I’m about two hundred pages in and I’m finding it quite enjoyable. He is covering some very interesting ground here: strengths and weaknesses of religion, planetary tera-forming, politics, economics, technology and well, a lot of stuff. Often times I find that when an author takes on so many topics they can get a bit lost and short-change the story. Weber discusses these topics in the context of the story he is telling and then leaves it there, spot on I say. He keeps you focused on his story and the rest is background. Thus the reader is not overwhelmed and enjoys Weber’s story and characters. He does have some very interesting characters in this novel, there are in fact too many to mention. But suffice to say they are all interesting and well drawn. They story is an interesting take on the development of mankind in space and on a new planet. Lots of conjecture and thoughts on how a society would grow if it was denied technology beyond a certain point. Oh and yes, Weber continues his love affair with the English monarchy and parliament. Well written and interesting, recommended.


“Ghost In The Shell Volume 2: Man-Machine Interface”, SHIROW Masamune. Well this book is set four years after the events in the original “Ghost in the Shell” but, it was created 10 years after the first one. So while Shirow discusses many of the themes present in the first work, the look is completely different. His style has become crisper and at times almost baroque in the density of details he can place into an image. For me it was visual overload a few times and took me awhile to process this book. Themes in this book are similar to the other works in the Ghost in the Shell franchise: identity, technology, privacy, society and so on. This would not be the best place to start with the Ghost in the Shell series but if you’re already in their universe then this another excellent addition.


“Reaper’s Gale”, Steven Erikson. Yup book seven in the Malazan series. 16 pages in and I’m hooked. Usually it takes me a bit longer but he grabbed me quick. I cannot recommend this series enough to fans of Fantasy writing, it is a great series! If you haven’t read this stuff start with “Gardens of the Moon” or “Deadhouse Gates” and hopefully you’ll enjoy as much as I do.


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