Gearing up for the weekend and Books 17/10

1. “Ink – The Book of all Hours”, Hal Duncan, 2007. This is the follow-up to Duncan’s  quite insane, infuriating, and ultimately enjoyable “Vellum”. Vellum was just a mad excursion into myth, history, biker babes, ancient gods, modern technology, and yeah somewhere there was no doubt a kitchen sink. It was not an easy read, attention must be paid and therefore cannot be just casual, “entertain me” readers. However if you don’t mind a bit sweat on the brow then I reccomend Vellum. So I just got my hands on “Ink”. Reading the prologue, which seems to make sense but… Yeah I’ll get stuck into this one and let you know. But it should be all over the place.

2. “Kop” – Warren Hammond, 2007. Sci-Fi hard-boiled thriller. Yes! Sounds like a good read for trip on a plane or a quiet night. I’ll save that for later. 

3. “Brasyl”Ian McDonald, 2007. “Blade Runner in the tropics”, starts the blurp  on the inside of the jacket. Well, I tried to read “River of Gods” and I couldn’t. Too massive and sprawling in its beginning and as a result it never pulled me in. I quite enjoyed his writing style though and the subjects he was discussing so, I intend on giving this one a try as it comparatively brief 356 pages.

One comment on “Gearing up for the weekend and Books 17/10”

  1. Did you ever end up reading KOP? Did you like it?

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