Hello Hello, I’ve been busy!!!!

Well, busy doin’ what. Stuff or as the kids where I work say, nuthin (turn head slightly down and use mildly “you are so uncool” tone of voice, you know the one.) So I’ve been off doing many things such as: Getting used to my GP2X device. It has been lovely. Chomps the batteries though but otherwise nice. I need to start adding games to maximize the benefit.
Also I have become a Helion, that means I’m using the Helio wireless service. My thought on that is; that I’m quite happy. The services they provide; messaging, gps, internet, voice and others have all been used. Only the mobile MySpace has been useless for me, but that’s me not Helio. The camera that came with my device ( an Ocean btw), you’re instructed to not call it a phone in the users manual, has taken quality snapshots. So I should be happy I’ve left Sprint right? Only, I haven’t really left Sprint service, Helio lease the capacity from Sprint. Which makes me laugh. I had been with Sprint for years and if they had offered the devices and services that Helio does I probably wouldn’t have left. They do not have quality devices, services are limited and the store near me, well this blog’s name is “things I like” and well I should stop. So the questions are: do I prefer Helio as a company to Sprint, do I use all the services I pay for, and do I like the device’s feel and functionality. So in order: Yes, Sprint just didn’t seem to care; All but the MySpace have been useful; my device is fun in and of itself – If I had bought this before my laptop, I wouldn’t have bought the laptop for the reasons I did (email and internet access on the go.) So am I recommending that you all run out and become Helions, no. I have a need for constant, some might say excessive, access to my email and the internet, Helio resolves that issue for me perfectly on the go, lets me access email at work without using their equipment, adds some nice seconday (to me) features and is therefore worth every penny.


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