Never Mind the Fullstops

This is an English panel/comedy program about the English language. Now I’ve got to be careful when writing this piece, because the nature of the show is to point out bad English, delight in the dialects of the UK and have a good time talking about the state of our language. Julian Fellowes is the host and the four member panel is different each week, no permanent members though folks are invited back periodically. So why watch this program? The English language is enough to drive any sane person mad and this show proves this fact in a very delightful manner. They occupy the time correcting punctuation, testing panellists’ vocabulary and discovering their linguistic loves and hates. Just a word of warning: this is not about American English, in fact American English and Americans come in for a fair bit bashing, Julian does his best to defend Americans but sometimes well, he just overwhelmed. Bashing Americans and our language – while fair at times and all people do have their silly aspects – is just getting old. British comedians/funny folks pay attention now: making fun of Americans is easy and does not pass as witty repartee anymore. Find something new or shut up!  


One comment on “Never Mind the Fullstops”

  1. Yes, but bashing the US is a long standing tradition (almost as long standing as bashing the Irish). Even if most of the bashing is completely based on inaccurate stereotypes, I expect it will end about the same time as bashing of middle class white men occurs in the US…

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