The Mighty Boosh Live dvd.

So this is recorded between the Boosh’s 2nd and 3rd seasons. It appears to be the last stop on a tour. How does this offering rate compared the radio and tv shows that I’ve seen? Well – for a live performance it is really loose and almost sloppy, this previews a few things from series three, they interact the crowd alot (some good come backs to hecklers) and Rich Fulcher is truly weird through-out, at one point he spits on Noel Fielding. These add up to something that is entertaining but, less than essential to own for anyone other than a truly “got have everything they have ever done” or completist type of fan, like me. If you like The Mighty Boosh and can rent this dvd or you know some-one who has it, then by all means purchase them some of their favorite beverage and kick back. It is good fun, just not great.

4 comments on “The Mighty Boosh Live dvd.”

  1. I love the Mighty Boosh, really hilarious. If you cant wait for series 3 to come out on DVD then you can see it online, at this site

    They have all the episodes from series 1 to 3 in flash, genius! Hope you find this useful, I kind of got annoyed with just watch the little clips here it makes a lot more sense if you watch it by the episode.

  2. Thanks

  3. I’m OLD GREG!

  4. Um Have fun with that 🙂

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