Good times, musically.

I’ve gotten my hands on a few compilations lately:
13th Floors Elevators: Gotta love that crazy 60s Texas psychedelic sound. The comp I got has Rollercoaster, Splash 1, You’re Gonna Miss Me and others. Just mad stuff. An acquired taste to be sure, they use a jug as background noise. When they work – brilliant. When they don’t – rubbish. You’ve been warned. Considered by many to be the original psyche band. Not going to argue about that, I would rather concentrate on the songs that I think are great. The above mentioned are classics of the genre while others would include Dear Dr. Doom, Slide Machine, Slip Inside this House, Dust, I Had to Tell You and Scarlet and Gold. If you are mildly interested this sort of thing then you need to get your hands on some sort of compilation and go from there.
The Sonics: Oh yeah, great rock outfit. Overdriven guitars, saxophone, organs and yelping lead vocalist. Another noisy, gritty and fun band from the Pacific Northwest, they were from 60s. Best tunes include The Witch, Psycho, Strychnine and Louie Louie (yes Louie Louie). Very much of their times but still good fun.

Something new:

Savage Republic are back. They continue to create fantastic folk/psychedelic/industrial music. 1938 is the new album. It is them, distinct and powerful, but it is not a nostalgic rehashing of old ground. I’m just so glad that, for once, a band has reformed, kept their spirit/attitude/aesthetic (or whatever it is that makes them unique), and moved their work forward, refreshed and ready to go. If you like these guys, don’t be afraid it is worth the price of entry. For you folks who like Godspeed You! Black Emperor or things similar –  this should be to your liking as well.


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