X-mas Goodies

Nero Wolfe from AE in 2001-2002. I got my hands on a few of these and I’ve watched one so far. Yes! Quite excited to watch these as I have always enjoyed Nero Wolfe mysteries. They are cozy mysteries – after a chapter or two everything and everyone is known – that do a great job evoking 1950s. These stories can be a bit hard to get your hands on as books unfortunately, which is strange as these novels never did any harm and do not engage in many of the overtly negative and meant social stereotypes of their setting.

Episodes of Jules Maigret as taken from a mid-90s(?) television series. These are in French and are appear to be filmed in Prague or Budapest. This allows the production to take on the feel of 30s Paris. Very nice productions. I have had these on order at Netflix for some time and they just don’t show up, ever. So I can’t tell much more as I don’t know precisely which production these are drawn.

And last but not least, Inspector Morse. These are tv rips and as such are very low quality. However, bad quality is better than none at all in the case of Inspector Morse and I should be able to purchase the ones I like easily enough latter. These are from the long-running PBS series, or at least originally shown on PBS in this country.

So I’m wrapping up the train phase of my vacation and will soon move onto the plane phase. Cheers and Happy Holidays.


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