Apple Fun, Doctor Who

So I’ve bought some new toys for my Mac:  Wireless Keyboard and a wireless Mighty Mouse. Well, they are a lot of fun. The keyboard is just tiny, smaller than the one on my laptop, and in the closet that I call home that comes in handy. Downside is the loss of the number pad and the shortcuts are two handed. Easier to stay with function keys for Dashboard, showing all apps and app focus. The wireless mouse is exactly the same as the USB mouse in most ways and is just more effecient being wireless, the wire that connected the USB mouse to the machine was too short in the original design and who needs all those wires clogging up space! They are both AA battery powered – 3 for the keyboard and 2 for the mouse. I would say that the keyboard is the more essential purchase of the two if a decision is to be made. C’mon, go ahead, you’re a Mac hed and you want them both and hopefully you have a little Christmas cash left 🙂 Oh and make sure you’ve gotten all the most recent Mac updates before firing these up. It will just make it easier.I just watched the Dr. Who X-mas special, Voyage of the Damned, and well it was very good, entertaining and I’m not going to give anything away, but I’m looking forward to the new season. It was one of the more gruesome episodes and as such was a bit sad but, bear with it the ending is a good one. I enjoyed the cheesiness of this episode and it helped keep the mode from getting completely depressing and he saves the Titanic this time! Some good star cameos also made the special worth the time. So, overall a worthy and fun addition.

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