Baian the Assassin

By: tanekakoko

Feb 04 2008

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Well this is a ‘Jidai Geki’ featuring Ken Watanabe. As is usual for these period dramas it is set in the Edo period. Baian of the title is a doctor by day and assassin by night. There is not alot of action in these pieces, two movies and then a TV series, and that may put off action fans as the pieces feature narration/storytelling and character developement. These are not “samurai” movies at all, no these turn out to be good solid private mysteries of a sort, that the bad guys are bad is never in doubt but titular Baian isn’t just going kill some-one because he’s told to and the process by which he arrives at the decision is quite like a private eye would do thus creating an angsty private eye type drama. All the episodes I’ve seen so far have excellent production values, if a little grainy from age. Enjoyable addition to the mystery fiction world.


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