Tea, yup tea

By: tanekakoko

Apr 01 2008

Category: Tea

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Tea and why I like it. Less acid than coffee, my stomach is happy. Less caffeine, so my coworkers think I’m a mellow dude these days (something about wolves and sheep’s clothing, they can dream). More selection at a lower price. (Not a price per pound basis but I think it requires less raw tea to make a cuppa than to make coffee and Great googully moogully but coffee ain’t cheap Bob) Green, Black, White and then there are tisanes which are the delightful kitchen sink of teas, I mean no offence cause I love ’em. Yes, so while I haven’t stopped drinking coffee I’ve cut way back and am a happier soul for it.

What I’m drinking:
Mandarin Orange Spice  and Tangerine Orange Zinger . These two I really like because that are fun on the pallete and have delightful aroma.
India Spice Chai – Spicy and really warming, go with donuts nicely. Jelly filled or cinnamon twist.
China White Citrus – Great just hanging out tea. Not a strong flavor combo, subtle and subdued.


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