The White Diamond – Werner Herzog, 2004

By: tanekakoko

Apr 03 2008

Category: entertainment, Film

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This is a brilliant documentary film set in Guyana. It tackles airship flight, reconciliation with the past, jungles, and other themes but those are the big three. The airship in question is designed by Graham Dorrington and the movie is mostly about him and his struggles dealing with his airship, The White Diamond, and the death of Dieter Plage. There is also a local man named Mark Anthony who features quite prominently and brings a very different perspective. Finally there is nature itself. They have used the wonderful Kaieteur Falls as the backdrop and they are spectacular. Seems done a bit on the cheap but hey, not everything can be big budget and I didn’t feel as though the lack of production values got in the way of my enjoyment. My favorite scene is a swarm of swifts flying around the falls to enter a cave behind the fall, lovely. Good stuff and I can recommend it.

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