Voices of a Distant Star (2003)

By: tanekakoko

Apr 09 2008

Category: Anime, Film

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Voices of a Distant Star is a fine short anime. Not just because it was done on a home computer! But it is an interesting take on love, time, and growing up. Well worth the price of entry as a rental and maybe purchase. I need to watch it a second and third time to decide. But I’m leaning heavily acquiring it. Why? It has a great look, a bit unrefined but that just adds a nice touch. The idea of using space travel and how that can distort time is really clever. Just think of the time it would take to get a letter to some-one, the time to respond, and then you getting the response and how you might think, wha? Was I really thinking that a week ago? Or month ago et cetera. Imagine that becoming years….And imagine that being done with a cell phone. A device of instant gratification if there ever was one!. Very clever. Yes it starts off a bit puppy love but just builds from there. Ultimately a sad kind of story, not mopey though. Recommended.


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