Music – 7 May

Atlantic Drone are an interesting outfit that are doing good work in the world. I liken them to listening to jazz, only that bit between the initial statement of the theme and the final restatement, you know that bit in middle where just about anything could happen. The music just blows on by and keeping your attention but, its not really all that structured in linear way. Things drift, float, get caught in an eddy and each time you listen you catch onto something different to give you bearing. So no, not really songs more just moments. I would add that if you like the spirit and ideas of O.rang or Bark Psychosis then this band would be worth checking out.

Atlantic Drone caught my attention while looking around for DUSTdevils stuff, hitting the website and going YES!!!!! DUSTdevils were a lovely heap of noise back in 80’s and 90’s that got overlooked due to Sonic Youth going big. DUSTdevils are different branch of the post Glenn Branca tree. I always found them a bit more melodic (when writing songs), wistful with a certain melancholy without being sappy or sentimental rather than punk rock anger or whinging (SY can just seem too American High School whiner for me at times) and almost orchestral in structure. Worth a look if you like loud noisy psychedelia.

Currently getting way overplayed on my Ipod:
Volcano Suns: “Needles in the Camels Eye” and “Mud”
DUSTDevils: “Getting the Hard Hit”


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  1. cheers mate!

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