Jeremy Brett as Sherlocke Holmes

Is he the best ever? Jeremy Brett certainly is if you want your Holmes abrasive, but a fine grit and not rough grit. He certainly manages to capture the keen wit, physical abruptness and a certain meanness – to quote “Many regard Brett’s performance as near-perfect; although his portrayal of Holmes as neurotic and somewhat arrogant, masterly as it is, is seen by many as being at odds with Doyle’s descriptions of Holmes as more suave and congenial.” (quote from here) I don’t mind the lack of congeniality or suaveness because I always enjoyed his ruthlessness and his willingness to stick the knife in. Anyway, all the Granada series can be found as DVDs and I strongly, very strongly recommend them. I also want to get my hands on the Russian Sherlock Holmes series as well. Anyone with clues?

2 comments on “Jeremy Brett as Sherlocke Holmes”

  1. I can certainly agree with you about Jeremy Brett! To me, he’ll always be the definitive Holmes and the Granada DVDs are well worth having. If you are interested in getting the Russian SH series, here’s a link I found:

    Scroll down to the DVD section and you’ll see the titles. They are in the right format (yay!) and are supposed to have English subtitles. I need to get a set myself…

    Love Bug

  2. Thanks and at a great price. Cheers.

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