Latest Stuff 9/4/8

1. It has been awhile, sorry. Just busy doing other things.

2. Just finished Killswitch by Joel Shepherd. This was a good read. This is the third book in the Cassandra Kresnov science fiction series (here is my opinion of the previous two), this installment continues to explore her development as sentient being, she’s a super uber synthetic combat android, and her physical exploits as said android. This book has the combat scenes, philosophical discussions on the meaning of life, earth vs. colony politics, development economics, and interesting well developed characters that were strong-points in the previous novels. So what can I add this time around well, I point out the fact that the series is a combination of  space opera, hard science fiction, and military science fiction. It doesn’t fit exactly the stereotypes of each genre though. It is dramatic and a page turner, but it is not melodramatic. The technology outside of the android technology is a logical progression of our current technology and is quite believable. It just doesn’t overwhelm all other aspects of the the story. The fact I wouldn’t mind having high speed network access in my brain rather just on portable devices is not important in my praising of the series. All the main characters are military or intelligence agency workers but the discussions of tactics and strategies being employed are kept to minimum. So it combines various genres and could easily be called anyone of the three. However I like to call the series well written, thought provoking at times and well just plain ol’ good. Recommended.

3. Ran across Michael Morcock‘s “Starship Stormtroopers“. So why do I share this anarchist’s evisceration of sf/fantasy demi-gods such as Tolkien, Heilein and others? Well I’ve read alot of these authors and enjoyed them without really thinking about what sort of world they represented, politically that is to say. Give it read let me know what you think.


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