Reading Viewing

Spiral Labyrinth. Hughes, M.(2007) – So this is the continuing saga of Hengis Hapthorn. This is part two of a series of detective novels set in an alternate universe. Majestrum (first chapter here)was the first and my review of that one is here. Spiral Labyrinth builds on Majestrum by adding that Hapthorn’s “integrator”, a machine assistant, has become flesh and blood and the development of this creature is one good storyline. The age of “suggestive association”, magic, is still coming and Hapthorn ends up in an age of magic, read the book. Anyway, let’s get to what makes this a good read. Humor, wit, believable characters and great world building. These books are funny in a verbally dense and sometimes in a wait what did he just say oh he said that ha ha ha kind of way. That’s not a problem for me nor is the fact the humor is rather “between the wars” British verbal repartee, good stuff, think Lord Peter Wimsey  with a bit of Wodehouse to lighten things up. Hapthorn and the other characters all have a depth to them that allows you to understand why they act and think as they do, convoluted as the thoughts are at times especially his alter ego – talk about hearing things, well read the book hint hint. A lot of the world building for the earth initially seen in this book was done in the first book but there is a great universe that comes into play in this installment so no rehashing of old stuff. Oh and yeah there is a fun mystery to be solved here, that’s usually the point of a detective novel, so that’s what gives it all a purpose and keeps things chugging along thus giving the characters their space. Really spiffy stuff old boy and all that rot. Did I just right that?


Movie: Galerians – Usually I don’t write about things I don’t like but this movie was so bad that it is beyond dislike. Warning stay away, it is bad. It is not bad funny. It is not so bad it is good. It is bad, bad, bad. Bad animation, bad story, bad soundtrack. Bad Bad Bad.

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