Recent Books, 10/22

Crystal Rain“, Tobias Buckell: Excellent action adventure sci-fi. Pretty stripped down writing concentrating on world and character building. Great action scenes, interesting idea (caribbean and aztec settlers on a far distant colony), and a nice ending. First book by this author, Bravo. I’ve started the second book set in this Universe, “Ragamuffin“. Enjoying it as well.  



Escapement Cover

Escapement“, Jay Lake: Book two of a series novels exploring “God as watchmaker“. This series is also described as Clockpunk. How about another excellent bit of adventure writing that also has some interesting philosophical and cultural musings? What genre is that, well I got one for you, well written and engaging. This story builds on the previous Mainspring and brings two secondary characters forward. Both of the characters hold up very well indeed as main characters and make a nice contrasts to each other and the third main character. So good dynamics between those three, a new crop of fascinating secondary players and combined with first rate world building gives us some quite excellent stuff that is well worth the effort if you like your sf a bit more philosophical rather than just action.


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  1. […] the Xenowealth. The first and his debut novel was “Crystal Rain” and my short review is here. Crystal Rain introduced the Xenowealth a little bit but it concentrated on the happenings on one […]

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