Cats are gonna get ya.

By: tanekakoko

Dec 03 2008

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Category: Anime, entertainment, Film



4 comments on “Cats are gonna get ya.”

  1. You know that cats are more subtle than that. The cat would actually do stuff like hide their keys, phones, and other small trinkets. Leave the refridgerator open and pull their covers from their feet at night. Cats have ways of getting at you without resorting to ultraviolence. They pride themselves on never getting caught. I had one that stole all the pens – I mean all the pens. This was in college so people had a lot of writing utensils but if they were left in the apartment more than 10 minutes, you never saw the pen again…

  2. Well true, but hey maybe some-one was channeling the secret desires of cats when they made this video?

  3. See that is what I am saying, that is more like a dog’s secret desire. Cats already know they own the world, what do they care if they let us play around in it…

  4. But if we are making it uninhabitable then cats may well be justified in taking us out. Dogs secret desires have more to do with more food and treats and slobbering all over the place like a walking Niagara Falls. Taking out humans is not in our “best friends” thoughts, silly dogs.

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