If you like Appleseed then this should be right up your road. Great animation, excellent action scenes, and similar soundtrack. Falls down on the story, a bit predictable. Not a seminal work but a good time, recommneded.

Ex Wikipedia:

“By the 2060s, robotics technology has advanced to the point that cybernetics have become plausible. World opinion begins to turn against robotics, leading to the U.N. declaring a unilateral ban on further research and development in 2067. Japan, being home to robotics pioneer Daiwa Heavy Industries, strongly protests this ban, but is unable to prevent its passage.

In protest, Japan withdraws from international politics. All foreigners are deported, and further immigration is prohibited. In addition, the R.A.C.E. network is constructed – a series of 270 off-shore installations that cover Japan with an energy field that distorts the entire electromagnetic spectrum, nullifying all communication between Japan and the outside world and making even satellite surveillance impossible. Trade continues, but for all intents and purposes, Japan vanishes from the world scene.”

So that quote sets the scene a little bit. The color and style of the animation really grabbed me. Here are some wallpapers to give a taste. Enjoy.



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