By: tanekakoko

Mar 24 2009


Category: Uncategorized


1. Coffee has become nothing but a guaranteed case of hurtburn.
2. Adding milk/cream/half ‘n’ half only helps make the heartburn less painful.
3. Coffee is the nectar of the gods.
4. Switching to tea is nice, but come-on its not the same
5. Sigh

3 comments on “Coffee”

  1. Oh no, that is horrible. Heartburn, yuck! Take an Zantac and enjoy your coffee, lol.

    • I think the thing to do is be more strategic in the coffee consumption – lesser amount and higher quality. Cheers

  2. You like/love coffee? You don’t have to suffer the heartburn. I know a place where you can get coffee that’s easy for your tummy! You can get loads of flavors in decaf. They also have teas if you’re interested in that as well. I prefer decaf coffee; although I enjoy chocolate and yes, I know that has caffiene in it. I also love Pepsi and Coke; but I don’t drink them everyday. So where is the place where I can cut down on the caffiene . . . coffee! Here’s the site, if you’re interested.


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