Richard K. Morgan’s “The Steel Remains”

Well this has come in for some high praise and I enjoyed Morgan’s Kovacs novels. Um, well his attempt at fantasy does nothing at all for me. I’ve heard it compared to Glen Cook and China Mieville. Okay I see that and I have to state that he doesn’t come close. Truth is I just had to stop reading “The Steel Remains” halfway through, because it just was that flat. You want grim tough fantasy – stick with Moorcock and Cook. You want weird – check out Mieville. This just didn’t work, live up to the hype or give me the visceral thrill ride of some of his other works. I like the idea that he decided to write in a new genre, more power to him. I just don’t like this book. I never engaged in any way with the characters, the setting,  or the story.  I cannot recommend this at all.

4 comments on “Richard K. Morgan’s “The Steel Remains””

  1. I’m sorry you didn’t engage with the characters – goes to show we all have different feelings about things. I loved the characters, found them very engaging, and loved the bits of dark humor through the book. This is one of the few “fantasy” books I could actually read and enjoy (I can no longer read fantasy books about teenage boys coming of age and finding out they’re special). So I found the book to be thoroughly enjoyable.

    • I’m sorry too because as some-one who is also tired of “teenage boys coming of age and finding out they’re special” I was really looking forward to see what Morgan would with the fantasy genre. Heck, I may just have been reading too much sci-fi, Adam-Troy Castro “Emissaries from the Dead” among others, and wasn’t in the right frame of mind. Maybe I need to just let it sit for awhile and comeback to it once my expectations change.

  2. Ah, I remember now I actually read all of Ringil’s story, then Egar’s story, then Archeth’s story. Worked better for me as far as engaging with the characters – I do that whenever an author goes between characters in different chapters (ex Geo RR Martins books).

    • Sounds like a good plan. Oh GRRM, there’s some-one I haven’t gotten round to yet. One of these days I guess.

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