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Scalzi Stuff:
Okay so I have finished the “Old Man’s War”, “Ghost Brigades” and “Last Colony” group. I have thoroughly enjoyed all three. First yes, yes, yes, Scalzi took a fair bit from Starship Troopers. Okay, if it bothers you when some-one takes themes and then writes variations on them then this series isn’t for you. For anyone else, this series was alot of fun to read. Scalzi balanced action, good ideas, and characters that I enjoyed. This is military science fiction so combat is an essential feature but it isn’t the only thing going on here. Scalzi puts some interesting ideas into this series; human consciousness transfer, genetic manipulation, cloning, cool weaponry, and post-colonial politics. So a busy series but it is spread out over three novels so never too much in any one novel, again balance. The characters; what can I say, they are the true centers of these novels and you either enjoy the rather blunt and authoratative manners of Perry and Sagan or you don’t. Many of the criticisms of this series seemed to miss that point and focus on other aspects of the series. This is a series about Perry and Sagan and what they go through. There are scene shifts and interesting subjects are dropped. Because the scene and subjects are secondary to what is going on with these two. So, have I read better world building, fuller discussions of the science, seen authors wrap up every last little detail in a book? Yes, but then many books that follow up every last thing are unbalanced or overly long. Scalzi gets the balance right and keeps things moving. Good, thought provoking fun. Highly recommended and as a friend of mine said, “I like the way that Scalzi thinks”.


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  1. i would like to read the adventures of Perry and Sagan Seems like good sci-fi How can i read Tanekaberi why don’t u do as ZoeCello and give us all an Hyperlink to go to your site? man after hearing ZoeCello music i was not the same anymore Why don’t do the same for all us TWITTERS?
    Thanks for writing it anyway now put an Hyperlink in Twitter so we can read it Ok? Thanks a lot! See u soon!

    • The link will be there eventually. It will automatically cross post from WordPress to Twitter. I think it is once every 12 hours.

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