DC United 3-3 Seattle Sounders FC

By: tanekakoko

Jun 18 2009


Category: DC United, DCU

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This one had it all. Great goals and own goals by both teams, poor discipline on both sides, fatigue, disappointment, joy, and well wait – this was an MLS game in June. Did DCU steal a point – yup, is that the sound of Seattle screaming in anger– yup. Again this was an MLS game in June, I mean JUNE people.  Wow and okay – this was no classic – not one to burn onto the hard-drive and show the kids when they are old enough. No for DC this was a point we got on a night when DCU was not at their best as a team, not by a long shot. Wicks again was a stud in goal (keeping us in the game almost single-handedly at times), Pontius scored an excellent goal from a very good ball from Tino, Gomez looks up and says you’re giving that much space I think I’ll Goal, and well thanks Marshall.  Otherwise, well defense/midfield were okay when not getting over-run and the forwards well, didn’t see that much of the ball in all honesty. So to sum up:

Seattle you should be upset. Trust me we know how you feel when you blow it in front of a home crowd of that size, not a good feeling.

DCU. We should be happy with the result and on our way to Colorado where DC United plays in the annual Maryland  v. Colorado Family Bragging Rights Cup.  Vamos United!

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