USA 2-3 Brazil Some thoughts in no particular order

By: tanekakoko

Jun 29 2009

Category: soccer, USMNT

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1. Very sad to see the boys blow a 2-0 lead and this was not a hollow victory, this is a tough loss.

2. Yes, we rode our luck a bit to get to the final but so what we got there. Seems once the USMNT realized they had nothing to lose after those two horrific loses they started playing much better.

3. First time since 2002 I’ve see real progress from the USMNT and it was mental progress.  No messiah suddenly showed up and Bob Bradley did not suddenly become a footballing genius.  Play with heart, play for each other,  leave everything on the field and good things can happen.

4. I have no idea what this means, if anything honestly, for SA2010 World Cup. Too many uncertainties. What if players get injured, go off form, we run into a team hitting its stride and so on. So again this was a painful loss because this team may not be together and have this spirit again.

5. This was a real opportunity to get a nice trophy but it didn’t happen because we got beat. We didn’t choke, come a cropper, give up stupid idiotic goals. No we just got beat by the most successful footballing nation in world playing at a high level in the second half. Brazil clearly had no intention of letting that half-time score stand.

6. Still overall, as a fan: Yes it would have been sweet to win but I am so proud of the way the USMNT turned things around in these last three games and really those first 45 minutes of the final we truly something else. Well done boys.

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